UNION of Champions—Bataleon to the death…

Why are Union Bindings so good? Why are they notorious in the Snowboarding industry for being the best at strapping your hooves down all day? My Boss has them, my colleagues have them - every I know on this mountain say that if they could buy new bindings right now then they would buy a pair of Unions. I want to know why exactly, how is it that they have discovered a completely new way to do what all bindings are designed to do ?- strap you in

I had my chance to find out today when Union and Capita visted Big White on their demo day - I rocked a pair of Rosa bindings for 2014, coupled with the most excellent Space Metal Fantasy 143. This is my board of choice and what I've been riding all season, although a little smaller. I must say- having the smaller board (I'm 5'2" and *ahem* average weight) makes all the difference for turning and I'm definitely switching back down a few cms or two.

At Big White we have the famous 'Okanagan Champagne Powder' and although this board was smaller , I had no problem powering through the snow on piste and in between the trees. As I say, I'm used to riding this particular one but with the Union bindings it gave me way more control and a firmer bond- meaning I was much more confident in trying out tricks with it than I usually am. (I say trying, because I bailed spectacularly whilst attempting a simple 180 - always wear a helmet people!) I usually ride with Burton Stilettos from 2010 so it was quite the contrast. ALSO - I know girls aren't supposed to admit they like  board for the graphics but THIS ONE HAS A UNICORN MADE OF LAZERS ON IT. That's all I need to say...My favourite snowboarding bird

Rio Peterson

 rides the very same plank for

The Riders Lounge

in the UK and she's already beasting the slopes with the 2014 collection.

This, ladies, THIS board (I hate to say it) may lever me from my Capita loyalty. It's the Bataleon Distortia and it's INCREDIBLE. Turning on this was as easy as putting left foot in front of right which meant going really, really, really fast down the mountain for ages and ages and ages was easy as pie and SO much fun. I may have fallen in love and told the rep that a little bit too enthusiastically. Twinning this board with the new switchback bindings they were demonstrating was such a huge change. The deal with switchback is you can switch up all the parts to create your own colour combination or you can choose to mess with your usual set up and go with no high backs, for instance. I'm not bothered by the colour scheme personally but the flex of the rubber in which they're made, gave firm grip to my boots but made was flexible enough to have complete control of my movements which was perfect for me. I rode a 143 for only two runs and I only wish it could've been all day. Trust me, I've never stolen something in my entire life but I was quite ready to made my debut and run off with this bad boy! Check the rest of the collection for 2014


...I'll be accepting donations for next season's board soon! (winkyface)