The 'I Mean Business' Trip—Pacific Northwest Canada and USA

Two months ago, a set of circumstances came about that were less than ideal. It would've been all too easy to languish in my misfortune. Thankfully, due to the incredible support of my amazing family and friends, I was encouraged to use my circumstances as advantageously as possible and flew out to Canada and the Pacific Northwest USA for a month long research trip. I also planned to enter the 18th Neil Edgeworth Snowboard Memorial Banked Slalom at Big White Ski Resort, British Columbia and film a mini documentary on my experience. 

I have managed to cover over 2000kms, and had the privilege of spending time with my excellent friends and meeting some incredible new people who've helped me on my way. I'll now be helping to grow—a charity and apparel company based in the USA, helping people make the best of each day and educating communities - more on that soon.

My trip is about to come to and end and I just wanted to express gratitude to the outstanding hub of people who have rallied around me, had my back, supported everything I do and really helped me out. Without my family and friends back home in the UK who helped fire me up and give me the confidence to get on the plane and get this done I wouldn't even have made it to Gatwick. To all my North American friends and relatives who've given me a place to stay, got me a ski pass, hooked me up with an incredible meal, taken me to amazing new places I've never been before, inspired me, sorted my head out, helped me film, filmed for me, helped my confidence and generally rallied around to make sure I'm OK, I couldn't have done any of this without your love and support. To my brand new and unexpected friends I've made on this trip. I can't believe I'm so lucky to have such inspiring and loving souls add even more to this experience! 

A reminder that if there is something toxic in life, it needs to go, no matter what the circumstances.  What I am so grateful for is that when life does wobble off into a direction thats outwith my control, I have the love and support of an enormous crew of humans who want nothing but to champion me and make sure I'm loved and safe. I am in awe of the support I've received this last little while. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You so much. I promise I'll make the most of it and pay it back in bucket loads!

Next step, get back to London, get editing and see what sense I can make out of what I've made so far! Every day can be your Best Day Ever if you want it to!!

Much love to all, Claire xxxx


Ray and Me at Whistler

Port Renfrew Vancouver Island

Yeah Barry, Big White Ski Resort

Amazing Companions at Big White Ski Resort