Mini Documentary - Snowboard Banked Slalom at Big White Ski Resort

The Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom takes place at Big White Ski Resort in March each year, with competitors of all ages & levels heading up to the resort for a whole weekend dedicated to snowboarding.

A real community and family event, the Neil Edgeworh is a highlight of the season at Big White and I joined them last year to make a mini documentary on how the competition came about, and the people who come back every year to take part.

I was a member of the Big White TELUS Park & Outdoor Events team in 2013 when I first entered the banked slalom competition. I was so nervous as I took off from the start gate, that I immediately missed the first post and was instantly disqualified. This incident formed the basis for my film, as I returned to Big White in March 2015 to claim retribution for my failure and to tell the story of how the Annual Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom came about. It really is such a brilliant event, unique to the resort, and a perfect example of Big White's family and community focused hospitality. 

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this film, and to Flynn Seddon, BC Snowboard and Big White Ski Resort for allowing me to be part of this amazing event.

John Doe Friendly, Les Arcs, France—Photo Shoot by Paul Fosbury

In the last week of the season 2014 and Claire helped award winning photographer Paul Fosbury  set up a shoot in the park in Les Arcs, France. The park crew happened to be putting on a snowboarder event called the John Doe Friendly so Paul managed to get some great shots of some brilliant riders. The snowboarder only event followed the B&E Inventational the week before which saw some of Europe's finest Freeskiers thrown down at the creatively designed course at Arc 1800.

I had the pleasure of working with Claire in Les Arcs shooting The John Doe Snowboarding Event. Very impressed with her excellent media skills, Claire has great ability to make things happen on the most challenging of locations.

Claire is fabulous to work with and creates an effective happy team around her.
She has extensive experience in delivering creative public relations, adept marketing talent and an awesome snowboarder to shred with.

I highly recommend Claire and look forward to working with her soon.
— Paul Fosbury, Photographer

The weather was great for a shoot in the alps, check out a selection of the shots at

FROSTGUN Invitational 2014, Val D'Isere

It was 4 years ago during the Winter Olympics Games in Vancouver 2010 I was in Val D'Isere on my first ski trip as an adult, and learning to snowboard for the first time. It was whilst watching one of the downhill racing events that I decided to pack everything in, commit to working a winter season and head to New Zealand that June.

4 years on and I'm back in Val D'Isere working on the FROSTGUN Invitational 2014 - A Freeski Big Air event and rail jam sponsored by Red Bull that brings professional and semi-professional athletes from across the globe to the legendary resort in the alps.

It also happens to feature one of the biggest jumps I have EVER seen...

The first heats at the beginning of February were a chance for amateur skiers from across the world to compete for a place in the finals at the end of the month. The heat was on and some of these young guns were throwing down HUGE tricks to nab that spot.

The park shapers were then primed and ready to add another 10 feet to the jump in preparation for the arrival of the world's top freeskiers February 26-28th, following the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Measuring at 14 meters in height and a massive 30 meters in length.

Built on the Face de Bellewarde, in the heart of Val D'Isere - 15,000 people witnessed the skiers battle it out off the kicker to win the only platinum ranked AFP Big Air Event in Europe. Accompanying the event would be a huge stage set to entertain the crowds as the competitors warmed up

An extension of the event also the inclusion of 'The Frostgun Streetfighter' which allowed snowboarders to take part for the first time. Andy Nudds was representing the UK and managed to pull out a couple of demo shots over the Big Air kicker prior to competition as well. 

Ultimately it was Jesper TJader who took the crown in the final, swiftly followed by Vincent Gagnier and PK Hunder on the podium. Check out the video of the Big Air Finals...

Representing all corners of the world the athletes arrived straight from the Olympics to be part of FROSTGUN. Olympic medal candidates and former FROSTGUN champions, KAI MAHLER (SUI) and RUSS HENSHAW (AUS) competed against superstars like PK HUNDER (NO)JESPER TJÄDER (SWE)VINCENT GAGNIER (CAN) and many others.

Jeep 'Rocks and Road' Tour 2013 at Crankworx, Whistler

My most recent event contract involved working with Jeep on behalf of Light Speed Management as part of the Jeep 'Rocks and Road' Tour. Jeep are one of the biggest sponsors of Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival which took place in Whistler in August.

Claire worked for my company on a large experience marketing program for Jeep Canada. There is always a lot of pressure to deliver large throughput numbers, and that requires having a lot of people come to our event. That’s where Claire shined- as one of our recruiters, she was tasked with talking up the experience to the masses and recruiting them to participate. I quickly noticed how often she was delivering guests to our event, and how effective she was at recruiting, so I made her our lead recruiter- not only because she’s one of the very best promoters I’ve ever worked with, but because she’s a natural leader as well. We worked together for 10 days and after getting to know her, I realized I was only tapping into a tiny percentage of her skillset. My opinion of Claire is very high, and she’s a person who delivers results- consistently, with a great attitude and a warm smile. If I could only clone her…
— Mark Ruvelson, Executive Producer at Light Speed

This was quite the operation, a purpose built 'off-road' course was built in Carpark 2 of Whistler village that sampled the kind of terrain that the entire Jeep fleet was famous for navigating. Anyone with a valid driving license over the age of 18 could drive on the course for free and take any of the fleet around Whistler village if they liked. Entrants to the course could also enter to win a JEEP product of their choice up to $40,000 and get a free premium giveaway such as a JEEP flashlight or survival bracelet. This video of the 'Rocks and Road' tour is similar to the event we were working on.

My role consisted of promoting the activity, leading people over to our site (big giant tent in pictures) and getting people signed up for the competition. I met SO many awesome people, it's the best event I've worked on over here for sure. It was pretty exhausting having to be so engaged with people all day, plus working in a restaurant in the evenings but SO rewarding. I ended up working 96 hrs this week but it's been a great experience.

The team I worked with were some of the most brilliant people as well - Mark Ruvelson from Lightspeed Management certainly knows how to pick his team. Everyone was dedicated, hard working and actually enjoyed working on the event which makes things SO much easier for everyone involved! Cheers everyone - thanks Light Speed Management and JEEP!!

The 16th Annual Neil Edgeworth Banked Slalom

Coming up to our closing weekend at Big White was pretty emotional to say the least. It's always hard bringing a season to a close, especially somewhere we've been so settled for 6 months. Big White is nothing if not a unique, homely community so it's a huge wrench to be dragged away from it.

Fortunately, the highlight of our events calendar occurs just before the closing weekend every year and this time - WE got to compete in it too! The 16th Annual Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom took place on weekend April 6th/7th 2013. We spent a week hauling all our events gear from TELUS Park over to the Squirrel/Rollercoaster Gully underneath the Ridge Rocket Chair (for those in the know) and trying in vain to stop riders 'poaching' the course whilst we were building it.  It was the most enjoyable event we've worked on as we got to compete alongside professional atheletes, locals, seasoned racers and all ages. The focus was on everyone having fun and it's an experience I will never forget.

Over 230 riders joined in for what became one helluva party over the course of the 2 days. Each competitor is allowed one inspection lap before one run on each the saturday and sunday, PLUS a huge slap up banquet on saturday night followed by a monumental awards ceremony on the sunday night. The events team managed to fit in our lap of the course by switching up with some of the park crew during the day, the rest of the time we were setting up the course, maintaining it and being gate keepers to make sure no one was doing any of that there cheating.

I was so nervous on my first run that I ended up getting disqualified - I'm not going to go into the 'hows' and 'whys' because it's totally humiliating so we're just going to focus on the Sunday run - OKAY? Standing in the start gate is so exhilarating and terrifying at the same time I could barely speak - and that is extremely odd for me. Taking off from that start gate is like having a heart attack and and being struck by lightning at the same time. I was just desperate to stay upright and not skid out at anywhere, whilst also trying desperately to snag a time that wouldn't land me in last place (my best friend at work bet $10 I would come last - nice guy). By the time I negotiated the gully, I went into the rollers not able to feel my hands and feeling like my heart was going to burst out of my chest. It was amazing to cross the finish line and know I'd actually made it all the way through! 

Pro snowboarders male 

The course was pretty gnarly to say the least...I just wanted to make it through! Of course, things got a little bit competitive between the boys on the events/park crew so it was all to play for if you wanted to keep your reputation upstanding in TELUS park! One of our guys managed to come 6th overall in his category on the first day so there was plenty of 'IN YO FACE' raging going on!

Sunday gives the riders time to improve on the first run but times aren't released until the prize giving at the end of the day. Meanwhile, we had over $20,000 worth of gear to give away in addition to the prize money so door prizes were thrown out left, right and centre to the Neil Edgeworth gang in Happy Valley by none other than our legendary Flynn Seddon - Director of Terrain Park and Events at Big White.

We were up on the hill finishing off but managed to make it down for the results around 6pm. As we walked through the doors, soaking wet and freezing from what was our 13hr on the course, we received a standing ovation from every single one of the competitors in the event. The entire floor of Happy Valley day lodge stood to cheer and applaud us as we walked in and I've never felt so overwhelmingly happy in my life. More so, because I love being the centre of attention and it was like being in a film, but also because we were so exhausted it was AMAZING and made all our work worthwhile.

Honestly, that was one of the most unique experiences of my life. When will I EVER get to compete in an event like that again? A professional level course, unique to Big White's terrain and with that manay participants? It's probably going to be one of the best things I've ever done and I am determined to enter next year, and take as many of you along with me as I can! Especially since I've got some training to do - I came 29th out of 32 in my category! Hey- at least my buddy had to give ME $10!!

To keep up to date with all of next years info and details of how to register check out the Big White TELUS Park Events page.