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Kraken Travel Launch Campaign


In January 2017, Dewpoint Global Communications was appointed as directors of all launch activity for Kraken Travel, including Marketing Strategy, Brand Development, Partnerships, PR, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Creation and Advertising as they made their mark in the Travel industry. We developed a campaign to seamlessly integrate all areas through relevant and well researched content from January-April 2017. 

Some of our press coverage for the Ski/Sail trips from January 2017

Kraken curated an incredible selection of unique sailing trips for the modern adventurer, featuring hand-picked adventures from trusted independent operators. Kraken offer ski/sailing in Scandinavia and Iceland, Arctic Wildlife expeditions, and the world’s most remote music festival in Norway, giving us a wealth of content to inspire and motivated our potential consumers. 

Dewpoint decided to create content geared toward an audience interested in adventure and exploration which would complement Kraken's adventure sailing trip roster. In February 2017 we interviewed Ricky Munday of the International Antarctic Survey prior to his first ascent of Mount Everest as part of our Kraken travel adventurer series for the Kraken newsletter and Youtube channel. 

I hope in time that Kraken will become more than just a place to find your next exciting sailing trip and pick up all the tips you might need. I’d like to create a community – and that’s something you’ll certainly find on board a boat. Solo travellers, first-timers and experienced sailors alike build a real bond out there on the ocean, but more than anything else, it’s about life-affirming, enriching experiences.
— Henry Burkitt, Kraken Travel CEO

Dewpoint curated all content and copy writing for the fortnightly Kraken Newsletter between February-April 2017, aiming to grow their mailing list with relevant and enticing content. Please see gallery below for Newsletter content. 

Formally known as Adventure Yachting, Kraken was founded by sailing enthusiast and qualified skipper, Henry Burkitt, in 2015 with the aim of creating a community of unique sailing experiences, unrivalled in the current market, to allow the nautically curious to embark on incredible trips unseen elsewhere and allow aspiring sailors to take part in voyages of all kinds, regardless of ability. 

Dewpoint developed a social media content and advertising strategy across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to grow the audience for Kraken effectively with rich and relevant content. 


Initially owner Henry Burkitt began organising sailing trips for friends and colleagues based on his personal experiences and passion for adventure travel. That passion formed the basis of  Kraken’s bespoke platform dedicated to finding outstanding sailing experiences worldwide. Based in the UK, and named after the mythical sea monster, Kraken is indeed a growing beast, with plans to expand beyond the Arctic over the next year.


You can explore Kraken Travel's ever increasing number of trips at


Ski/Sail | Arctic Wildlife | Remote Music Festival | Fjords Exploration  | Tall Ships | Discover Indonesia


Women in Board and Actions Sports Barcelona 2016

On location in Barcelona, Spain 

Team Dewpoint has only JUST recovered from the incredible WIB 2016 conference in Barcelona. The event took place across four days from 29th Sept-2nd Oct, featured 15 speakers, 5 action sport activities, with 55 attendees across 6 locations in the city. Although admittedly DGC put out the press and promotion material ahead of this event, we can honestly say without agenda or bias, that this was a 5-star, A-class, premiere seminar from start to finish.

The WIB Team filled every second of the event with fascinating presentations from women within the industry, well organised discussion sessions from attendees, plenty of Catalonian food and drink to keep us all energised, and happily exhausted us all with a full activity programme that bonded the delegates as WIB devotees for life. I can still feel the ache in my arms from the Malamar Wakepark session as I type this, and see the bruise on my knee from my skateboarding lesson at Skate Agora, but it was completely worth it and I am so, so, proud I was invited to join these outstanding women for what was one of the best weekends of my career so far.


Delegates were welcomed at The Generator Hotel conference facilities with drinks, an introductory session and a webinar  Women’s Skateboarding Alliance's Mimi Knoop and Mahfia TV’s Kim Woozy. (If you'd like to catch up on the discussion, you can subscribe to the link with WIB here. ). Kim and Mimi discussed their experiences working within the action sports industry as athletes, producers and influencers, as well as how to quantify your value as an experienced sports professional.

Friday 30th Sept began on Barceloneta beach at the wonderful Espai De Mar club facilities where Diputacio de Barcelona gave us a presentation on their wonderful city. (If you've never been to Barcelona before, you must check out their website for all info on cultural activities and sights in the city.)

Key note speaker Marion Schmitz shared her insights about Content Marketing giving tips and lessons learnt through her career and shared examples of the biggest and most successful industry campaigns she's worked on. As a communications agency, this was of particular interest and absolutely fascinating to see what can be achieved with the resources of some of the world's biggest brands. 

Next up, Mel Cheng from European design agency KISKA, talked us through the processes involved in some of the most innovative new technology in sport. She showed us examples of both good and bad design, as well as some up and coming new products and their potential within the sports market. 

Also on Friday, Professional Body Boarding athlete, Rita Pires talked us through her 20 year professional career, her tv production experience, entrepreneurial goals and how she's achieved balance and success in all areas of her life in Bali. 

To close our first day, Cameron Norsworthy of The Flow Centre, explained the scientific definition of what ‘Flow’ is and how it is used to help athletes to achieve optimum performance. Their techniques can be adopted and practised by all however, and offer some fascinating insights into the power of mental ability. 

After a very welcome and delicious evening of dinner and drinks, WIB welcomed professional alpine climber and Patagonia ambassador, Zoe Hart, who used her personal story to give business and career advice to the delegates on Saturday morning. Zoe made it clear that believing in yourself and having a climbing, life or business partner that believes and encourages you, are the first steps towards making it to the top.

Next up, Social Media Marketing Director Dot Lung give us a masterclass in the potential of 360 video and VR technology in content marketing in the future. Delegates were invited to check out her VR headsets for an immersive experience in a variety of sports from Surfing in Tahiti to Jungle Trekking. Check out her company 360VR

Emily Ackner, founder of Fit For That, fitness coach and runner who uses the challenge to find the balance, finished off Saturday with a presentation on her techniques and programmes for fitness. She shared her insight on training for a purpose before taking all the ladies to the beach and leading a fitness workshop.

Saturday also allowed delegates to present their projects, new businesses and social organisations and ask for feedback, advice and collaboration. 

We welcomed;

Ruff boards - A social enterprise employing ex-prisoners to manufacture longboards from recycled snowboards.  

SNOOKS -  British winter sports clothing line, designed by women for women

Boundless Betty - inspiring an adventurous community for women worldwide.

Skate Dates - Bringing women into confidence building workshops with skateboarding, yoga and meditation with Urban Hippie Collective.

Malene Iversen - On the SUP vacations available in Denmark for a truly unique experience. 

We concluded Saturday's presentations with a sunset trip to Malamar Wakepark, just north of Barcelona. Having never tried wake boarding before, I approached with trepidation alongside many of the others, but it was an absolutely amazing experience I can't wait to repeat. We spent a good few hours hitting the cable as the sun went down and were treated to a crazy impressive display of wake boarding stunts by Team GB Wakeboarding Athlete Steph Caller. Our evening concluded with dinner and drinks on site by candlelight at the wake boarding restaurant before we headed back to our beds, utterly and delightedly exhausted.


Despite our jam-packed schedule for the weekend, all delegates had time to take part in workshops of a variety of sports including Espai De Mar's SUP on the beach, Emily Ackner's unique bodyweight training workshop, Wakeboarding at Malamar Wakepark, Mountain Biking at La Poma Bike Park and a Skateboard masterclass for all levels at Skate Agora

As a snowboarder primarily, I was a little shy of taking part at first but vowed to give everything a go no matter what. I absolutely loved all of it, and to my surprise and delight it was the skateboarding that really got me. I thought I'd find that the least enjoyable, being a little unsure on wheels but I absolutely loved it, the lesson at Skate Agora was clear, easy to follow and we were all pretty quick to pick it up. By the end of the hour, all us beginners were able to ride into the quarter pipe. I just might be onto a new sport. 

As the weekend came to a close, one by one each of these lovely ladies dispersed reluctantly and I've had to say goodbye to some amazing new friends, albeit with promises to meet up with enthusiasm over winter for more sports action. The core WIB team, including myself remained, exhausted but happy, and were taken for a surprise meal by Prosk8 Tip Technology for their founder, Beckett Colon's birthday. An impressive and delicious selection of Tapas at the Barcelona Beer Co. proceeded a screening of new snowboarding film The Fourth Phase at Nevermind Skate Bar (projected above their in-house skate bowl) 

I can honestly say I've had one of the most amazing weekends of my life. In addition to it being highly relevant to my business and experience, all the presentations displayed the drive and resilience of a team of women (and one man) who have an unrelenting enthusiasm for working within their respective passions. It was incredible to be part of such an outstanding cross-section of people and I'm privileged to be considered part of the WIB Team. Congratulations are in order for Alba Pardo Emma Shoesmith and all in the WIB Team for curating such a high-class programme. Can't wait for next year ladies! 

Dewpoint Global Communications debut Facebook live with Danny Macaskill's Drop and Roll Tour

Following Facebook's recent development with Facebook Live, Dewpoint Global Communications debuted the feature on a visit to London's Lee Valley VeloPark on Friday 29th July 2016, prior to Ride London this weekend. Danny Macskill's Drop and Roll Tour were on site performing before their Southbank/London Eye shows and the team kindly let us film their show on site for the afternoon. 

Check out the full live stream below or on our Facebook page

Mini Documentary - Snowboard Banked Slalom at Big White Ski Resort

The Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom takes place at Big White Ski Resort in March each year, with competitors of all ages & levels heading up to the resort for a whole weekend dedicated to snowboarding.

A real community and family event, the Neil Edgeworh is a highlight of the season at Big White and I joined them last year to make a mini documentary on how the competition came about, and the people who come back every year to take part.

I was a member of the Big White TELUS Park & Outdoor Events team in 2013 when I first entered the banked slalom competition. I was so nervous as I took off from the start gate, that I immediately missed the first post and was instantly disqualified. This incident formed the basis for my film, as I returned to Big White in March 2015 to claim retribution for my failure and to tell the story of how the Annual Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom came about. It really is such a brilliant event, unique to the resort, and a perfect example of Big White's family and community focused hospitality. 

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this film, and to Flynn Seddon, BC Snowboard and Big White Ski Resort for allowing me to be part of this amazing event.

The 'I Mean Business' Trip—Pacific Northwest Canada and USA

Two months ago, a set of circumstances came about that were less than ideal. It would've been all too easy to languish in my misfortune. Thankfully, due to the incredible support of my amazing family and friends, I was encouraged to use my circumstances as advantageously as possible and flew out to Canada and the Pacific Northwest USA for a month long research trip. I also planned to enter the 18th Neil Edgeworth Snowboard Memorial Banked Slalom at Big White Ski Resort, British Columbia and film a mini documentary on my experience. 

I have managed to cover over 2000kms, and had the privilege of spending time with my excellent friends and meeting some incredible new people who've helped me on my way. I'll now be helping to grow—a charity and apparel company based in the USA, helping people make the best of each day and educating communities - more on that soon.

My trip is about to come to and end and I just wanted to express gratitude to the outstanding hub of people who have rallied around me, had my back, supported everything I do and really helped me out. Without my family and friends back home in the UK who helped fire me up and give me the confidence to get on the plane and get this done I wouldn't even have made it to Gatwick. To all my North American friends and relatives who've given me a place to stay, got me a ski pass, hooked me up with an incredible meal, taken me to amazing new places I've never been before, inspired me, sorted my head out, helped me film, filmed for me, helped my confidence and generally rallied around to make sure I'm OK, I couldn't have done any of this without your love and support. To my brand new and unexpected friends I've made on this trip. I can't believe I'm so lucky to have such inspiring and loving souls add even more to this experience! 

A reminder that if there is something toxic in life, it needs to go, no matter what the circumstances.  What I am so grateful for is that when life does wobble off into a direction thats outwith my control, I have the love and support of an enormous crew of humans who want nothing but to champion me and make sure I'm loved and safe. I am in awe of the support I've received this last little while. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You so much. I promise I'll make the most of it and pay it back in bucket loads!

Next step, get back to London, get editing and see what sense I can make out of what I've made so far! Every day can be your Best Day Ever if you want it to!!

Much love to all, Claire xxxx


Ray and Me at Whistler

Port Renfrew Vancouver Island

Yeah Barry, Big White Ski Resort

Amazing Companions at Big White Ski Resort

Epic LDN with Nike Training, London

Launch of the Metcon Crossfit shoe with Nike Training as part of their Epic Training LDN campaign. Creative agency Prime & Fire took over Old Billingsgate Market, London for the ultimate Crossfit challenge and Claire Dewar was part of the production team that made sure all participants were lead through the course from start to finish, seamlessly and safely.

Guests of Nike were invited to arrive at Old Billingsgate Market on the afternoon of January 31st where they were given their exclusive Nike Training package which included their training gear and brand new Metcon 1 Trainers. They were then taken through to the main hall where they were put through their paces by the toast of Cross fit training from across the Globe including Mat Fraser, Josh Bridges and CJ Martin, culminating in the 'Taxi team' challenge outside the venue with The Shard and Tower Bridge as the backdrop. 

Eurobike 2014

Claire Dewar was appointed Marketing, Communications and Events Executive at Factory Media in August 2014 until February 2015. Her first project was to represent the company at Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany in the last week of August.

Eurobike is the biggest European trade show for bikes and the bike industry and Factory Media were there at the heart of it, representing all our magazine brands with an enormous double decker London bus with our brands plastered all over it! Throughout the days of the show, we gave out over 8,000 copies of our magazines across all Bike related brands, in French, German and English. 

The team from Total Women's Cycling took part in the Ice bucket Challenge on site and we invited Danny Macaskill to join in on our efforts. Over 20 litres of water was dropped from the top deck of the bus after Danny leaped over us! Watch the full video below or see the full edit on Mpora.

John Doe Friendly, Les Arcs, France—Photo Shoot by Paul Fosbury

In the last week of the season 2014 and Claire helped award winning photographer Paul Fosbury  set up a shoot in the park in Les Arcs, France. The park crew happened to be putting on a snowboarder event called the John Doe Friendly so Paul managed to get some great shots of some brilliant riders. The snowboarder only event followed the B&E Inventational the week before which saw some of Europe's finest Freeskiers thrown down at the creatively designed course at Arc 1800.

I had the pleasure of working with Claire in Les Arcs shooting The John Doe Snowboarding Event. Very impressed with her excellent media skills, Claire has great ability to make things happen on the most challenging of locations.

Claire is fabulous to work with and creates an effective happy team around her.
She has extensive experience in delivering creative public relations, adept marketing talent and an awesome snowboarder to shred with.

I highly recommend Claire and look forward to working with her soon.
— Paul Fosbury, Photographer

The weather was great for a shoot in the alps, check out a selection of the shots at