Slopestylin'—BCSA Provincial Slopestyle Competition 5/6th Jan 2013

The TELUS Park crew surpassed themselves with the build for this event. We had a banging rail set up for the competitors to choose from right before they thundered down the slope towards a terrifying bank of XL Jumps as big as houses!

Let me fill you on on this one, basically British Columbia Snowboarding Association Snowboarders from all over North America were invited to compete in the first event of its kind for the 2012/13 season. They each had to hold an Advanced Competitor License, which roughly means you've got to hold a license that demonstrates you have proverbial 'buts' made of steel!

Snowboarders could also pick up FIS (Federation Internationale du Ski)  points which contributes to their overall score in competitions worldwide. That's rather fancy, and WE were part of it...

Day 1 - Saturday

I work as a team of 8 crew who run these events, and we spent the week preparing all our equipment and setting up the judges' tents around the park team's remarkable build. Each day of competition we had individual responsibilities. I was placed on Jump One to spot the first of our extremely large kickers in case any of the competitors fell. It wasn't the best weather, pretty windy with LOTS of snow but we battled through and I managed to capture shots like this from where I was stood...

More photos can be found in the public album on Facebook or join the page for Big White TELUS Park.

Day 2 — Sunday

On Sunday I took over the post of Assistant Starter to the excellent Dan Tait who did a spectacular job of  organising the running order of each heat, announcing all the competitors to the judges and generally keeping a handle on all things awesome for the event. I was an important part of shouting out numbers loudly to every snowboarder waiting to drop in. I liked the shouting part, and I got to hide from the wind under a tent and talk to these guys....although they were for the most part not that bothered about my chat, strangely enough! 

Anyways, HUGE thanks to all our sponsors, the BCSA and TELUS, the competitors, our judges and our wonderful spectating supporters! ...not to mention the Big White Park and Outdoor Events team - which I am incredibly privileged to be part of. I've worked on snow sports events before back in the UK, but NOTHING that compares to this sort of scale. It's been amazing, and the season has barely even started!

For all those wanting to spot themselves, their friends, loved ones and/or their brand new snowboarding crush - check out the full results of the competition across both days. You can keep track of all the results for the BCSA competitions worldwide on as well — don't you go forgetting now…