FROSTGUN Invitational 2014, Val D'Isere

It was 4 years ago during the Winter Olympics Games in Vancouver 2010 I was in Val D'Isere on my first ski trip as an adult, and learning to snowboard for the first time. It was whilst watching one of the downhill racing events that I decided to pack everything in, commit to working a winter season and head to New Zealand that June.

4 years on and I'm back in Val D'Isere working on the FROSTGUN Invitational 2014 - A Freeski Big Air event and rail jam sponsored by Red Bull that brings professional and semi-professional athletes from across the globe to the legendary resort in the alps.

It also happens to feature one of the biggest jumps I have EVER seen...

The first heats at the beginning of February were a chance for amateur skiers from across the world to compete for a place in the finals at the end of the month. The heat was on and some of these young guns were throwing down HUGE tricks to nab that spot.

The park shapers were then primed and ready to add another 10 feet to the jump in preparation for the arrival of the world's top freeskiers February 26-28th, following the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Measuring at 14 meters in height and a massive 30 meters in length.

Built on the Face de Bellewarde, in the heart of Val D'Isere - 15,000 people witnessed the skiers battle it out off the kicker to win the only platinum ranked AFP Big Air Event in Europe. Accompanying the event would be a huge stage set to entertain the crowds as the competitors warmed up

An extension of the event also the inclusion of 'The Frostgun Streetfighter' which allowed snowboarders to take part for the first time. Andy Nudds was representing the UK and managed to pull out a couple of demo shots over the Big Air kicker prior to competition as well. 

Ultimately it was Jesper TJader who took the crown in the final, swiftly followed by Vincent Gagnier and PK Hunder on the podium. Check out the video of the Big Air Finals...

Representing all corners of the world the athletes arrived straight from the Olympics to be part of FROSTGUN. Olympic medal candidates and former FROSTGUN champions, KAI MAHLER (SUI) and RUSS HENSHAW (AUS) competed against superstars like PK HUNDER (NO)JESPER TJÄDER (SWE)VINCENT GAGNIER (CAN) and many others.