Feel the Burm

BCSA Snowboarder cross competition Jan 26/27th 2013

So...my first 5am start. This is the world of snow sport events, things HAVE to run like clockwork. We lose light around 4pm so we can't afford to run over. 

Sunrise in TELUS park; foxes sniffing around all our event gear and the sound of the sled dogs howling in Happy Valley....possibly the most surreal job I've taken in my life. If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to work in Outdoor Events in Big White, this is it...

warming up for the big event

Digging, drilling, setting up the gates, safety nets, banners and tents, all to get ready for our eager competitors to start training at 8.45am. Nerves are setting in for them as all points count towards their overall FIS scores and their careers as snowboard racers. Sochi 2014 isn't too far away now...

nerves on the TELUS park chair with the Okanagan valley behind

It was a beautiful day for racing, with clear visibility, no wind and a view over the Okanagan valley like no other. After setting up the event, each of our team took up our positions on course as gate judges - to provide safety support and make sure each race was fair for our competitors. If there is anything we know how to do at TELUS Park and Big White, it's to look after our guests and put on the highest standard of events in the industry.

As Gate judge 3 I had a remarkable view of all the action throughout the weekend and managed to pick up some cracking shots as a result...

Gate judge 3 - my post saw all the action

 Our full day event saw time trials and heats before the overall final. It was a close call, with the Japanese competitors walking away with most of the races. Some disappointing falls for some, frustrating turns for others but 'thems the breaks' in boardercross. As one of the coaches said to me,

'We're all of different standards but the course is amazing and we're all here to have fun. If it wasn't fun anymore, there'd be no point in doing it'.

That pretty much sums up why and how everyone is in such high spirits all day no matter what.

All the results for the weekend can be found on the Big White TELUS park website and future events info can be found on our Facebook page. We've got a rail jam set up for tomorrow night (Feb 2nd) and NEXT weekend we've got the infamous NOR AM boarder cross....keep up to date with all our goings on via my twitter

At TELUS park we work hard, we have fun...nuff said