Dewpoint Global is the product of founding member Claire Dewar. A background in Publishing, Journalism, Theatre and Television production, combined with 5 years at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival helped Claire become a dextrous professional capable of delivering high quality event experiences, in tandem with strategic and engaged marketing communications efforts, supporting all projects on all levels of customer engagement from conception to completion. 

A change in direction in 2009 moved her focus to snow, action and adventure sports after working for mountain resorts in New Zealand, Scotland, Canada, France and England. Claire has worked in event production for a variety of action sports brands and ski resorts as well as produced content and marketing collateral for multiple sports brands and media owners. Dewpoint Global Communications was founded as a platform to help adventure businesses utilise their budgets effectively to reach the correct audiences, in creative and unique ways, as well as helping to connect action sports professionals globally.

Dewpoint Global is a worldwide collective where we take a personal approach to each clients' needs, tailoring every campaign to reach the correct audience in the best way for your brand. Combining communications, PR, digital marketing, brand development, experiential event production and content creation, we employ a network of action and adventure enthusiasts to focus each campaign using expert knowledge and experience.